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Psystar files for Chapter 11, tucks tail between legs

Aron Trimble

In the fight for the right to party sell unauthorized Mac clones, there may be a victor declared sooner rather than later -- if not legally, then fiscally. Psystar, which has been playing with fire for quite some time, recently hit a snag in its battle with Apple. The Mac Observer is reporting that Psystar has filed for bankruptcy in Florida on Thursday thereby slowing Apple's case against the Mac clone vendor.

As TMO points out, this action seems to indicate that the financial supporters of Psystar are seeing the writing on the wall and believe Apple will likely be the victor in the legal battle for distribution rights of OS X-running Macintosh clones.

One outcome of Psystar's decision to file Chapter 11 is that its equity creditors will be revealed, finally pulling the curtains off of the secret of who has the (possibly) deep pockets in Psystar's legal battle. Another outcome is that Apple's case against Psystar will be temporarily delayed as the bankruptcy proceedings require all other legal action involving Psystar to be put on hold.

Currently Psystar is still selling its 'wares online, however, once the Federal judge presiding over the bankruptcy filing lifts the stay of legal actions, it is likely that Psystar will fold under the financial pressure. Psystar's chutzpah notwithstanding, the bankruptcy hearings are set to begin on June 5; stay tuned folks, this is still going to be messy.

[via Twitter, a tip of the hat to @PaulKent!]

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