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Resident Evil 5 soundtrack available today


What a marvelous age we live in. We remember having to buy soundtracks to our favorite Japanese games through mail-order or at the occasional convention. Thanks to Capcom's deal with Sumthing Else Music Works, you can buy soundtrack collections from the publisher's games right over the Internet. Downloadable game music isn't exactly new, with Square Enix having made notable strides, but it never fails to wow us.

The announcement that the Resident Evil 5 soundtrack collection will be available today is one of the more impressive downloadable soundtrack offerings yet. The three-disc collection (well, it's three discs in its physical incarnation) contains 86 tracks from the game. You can also go get it at a store today, if you happen to leave the house for some reason. Pricing for the digital version has yet to be shown, but Amazon is selling the disc collection for a mere $18.98.

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