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Analyst expects just about every E3 rumor to come true

If Macquarie Research analyst David Gibson's soothsaying proves accurate, then our E3 prediction Bingo cards are going to be huge winners -- if, you know, they were actually worth prizes or anything. See, Gibson recently put his keen analytical skills to work in order to foresee the revelations that will drop during the Big Three's conferences at E3 next week. We think there are a few crowd pleasers in his divination.

Gibson expects Microsoft's conference to focus mostly on the heavily rumored Xbox 360 motion controller, and the software that will launch in conjunction with the new peripheral. Sony's conference will supposedly also be hardware-centric, revealing a $399, slim PS3 model and the UMD-less, touch screen-equipped PSP Go!. His Nintendo predictions are the most shocking of all -- in addition to a large focus on Wii Fit Plus, Gibson expects the reveal of new Zelda and Mario titles. We'll believe it when we see it -- and we'll see it in like, six days.

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