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Apple quietly updates $999 MacBook, again -- goes back to school with free iPod touch


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Shh, don't tell the press but Apple just bumped the specs on its entry-level white MacBook again. The bump measures in at just 0.13GHz on the processor, 133MHz more oomph from the DDR2 SDRAM, and an extra 40GB of disk space. Still more is more better especially when it's free $999. Apple also took the wraps off its back-to-school deal which nabs a decent discount on Macs (up to $200 off MacBook Pro) and tosses in a 8GB iPod touch (after $229 on-line rebate) to sweeten the deal.

Update: Looks like the battery might have been given a nudge to a rated 5-hours, up from 4.5.

[Thanks, Jasper K., Daniel, and Anshu P.]

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