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IGN analyzes the GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony announcement


IGN took a microscope to yesterday's announcement and came up with some with some ideas on what to expect from Rockstar's latest GTA IV DLC episode. We already know about Tony's fall from financial grace in the main GTA IV campaign, so IGN surmises that this latest episode will focus on Tony's attempt to reclaim his lost riches through the exploits of his assistant, Luis.

When The Lost and The Damned released, it included updates to Liberty City's LCHC and Liberty Rock stations, and IGN expects the same to happen for K109, Electrochoc and The Vibe, which hold Liberty's club-dwelling populace's interest.

There's a good chance that The Ballad of Gay Tony will mostly take place in Algonquin, IGN writes. Considering that Lopez's Dominican friends operate out of Northern Algonquin, and Gay Tony's empire spanned most of the south eastern part of the island, it's a safe bet to assume Luis will be handling business in the area when the DLC releases this fall.

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