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Pick your poison with Guitar Hero: Smash Hits pre-order bonuses


Several big retailers are offering their own individual incentives to pre-order any console version of Activision's Guitar Hero: Smash Hits, which comes as no surprise to everyone on this big, blue spinning rock. The Guitar Hero franchise is big business, and when you cull the cream of the crop from each game and put that into a new game, well, then you have a recipe for success.

We've listed the pre-order incentives for GameStop, Best Buy, Amazon, and GameCrazy past the break, so click through to check them out.

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  • Receive a pair of exclusive Guitar Hero Smash Hits branded drumsticks
Best Buy
  • Get a $10 coupon for any Guitar Hero World Tour product (one of the two available options)
  • Receive $5 off when you enter this code "HEROHITS", when you pre-order online
  • Get a $5 gift card for MP3 downloads
Game Crazy
  • Receive an exclusive Guitar Hero Smash Hits cheat code

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