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Rumored Nokia 5900 XpressMusic is actually a lower-end 5530?

Chris Ziegler

We were cautiously optimistic after seeing the alleged 5900 XpressMusic leak out a few weeks ago that Nokia was taking a keen interest in upgrading the plain-vanilla looks of its midrange 5800 to give it more of a premium feel, but strangely, it sounds like there might be very different forces at play here. Cellpassion says that it can "confidently say" that the silvery device here is actually a downgrade from the 5800 -- a model 5530 codenamed "Kenzo." Rumored specs include a 3.2 megapixel AF cam (same as the 5800), a lower-res QVGA display clocking in at 2.9 inches, 150MB of onboard storage, and -- here's the kicker -- no 3G or WiFi. It's said to be looking at a retail price under $200, which makes us wonder if this couldn't actually be the domestic Chinese version of a device that could launch in other markets with 3G and / or WiFi enabled. Just a guess, but here's hoping we get some concrete answers shortly.

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