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Spare parts for iPhone next-gen show up in Hong Kong


Even though the new iPhone is still hypothetical, imaginary phones need spare parts too. German site reports that one of their readers contacted Hong Kong firm China Ontrade seeking replacement items for his iPhone 3G, and much to his surprise they told him

"This is great honor for China Ontrade (HK) to be the 1st started to supply iphone 3gen 2009 parts directly from factory."

Indeed, the photos sent along with the offer of parts for a yet-unannounced phone seem to show a black front bezel instead of chrome, a tapered bottom of the case (vs. the rounded end of the current model) and a revised headphone jack.

We'll keep an eye out for more photos of bits of the iPhone-in-waiting and pass them along when they appear.

Thanks to Ben and Nicholas for sending this in, and Heidi for translation assistance.

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