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Fighter cut from UFC 2009 because of ... his hair?


Hey, UFC fighters. Over here. Would you like to avoid appearing in a video game without getting fired? We have the solution for you: Stop cutting your hair. According to Fight! magazine (via, UFC fighter Clay Guida was cut from UFC 2009: Undisputed because his trademark shaggy locks were causing clipping problems and creating issues with collision detection. THQ supposedly offered Guida money to trim his hair so that he could be included in the game, an offer Guida seemingly refused.

We applaud Guida for not (essentially) selling his hair to THQ, but come on, he had to be cut because of his hair? Hasn't hair been in 3D fighting games since ... forever? Couldn't they have given his in-game model a headband or something? The mind reels ....

[Via GameSetWatch]

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