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Video: Dance Dance Immolation melts faces at industrial art festival

We covered the hilarious (and terrifying) DDR mod known as Dance Dance Immolation all the way back in 2005 -- for those who may have missed it, here's the basic premise: You play Dance Dance Revolution, and if you do poorly, you get shot in the face with flamethrowers. Fortunately, you're equipped with a flame retardant suit -- though if you weren't, we imagine DDI would make for an awesome Saw trap. (You must dance ... TO SAVE YOUR LIFE!)

Anywho, the game/art installation has only made about eight public appearances since its 2005 inception, and it recently showed up at "How To Destroy the Universe," an industrial art festival in the San Francisco Bay area. BoingBoing recently got a chance to talk to DDI's pyrophilic progenitors (the folks from art group Interpretive Arson), and even summoned the bravery to step aboard the dance mat/convection oven. A video account of their combustible misadventures are posted after the jump!

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