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1 vs 100 beta hops the border June 1, coming to America

For those of you with stockpiles of canned goods and automatic weapons in an underground bunker, patiently waiting for a) the zombie apocalypse or b) a Canadian invasion we have goo ... well, we have news. You can prepare for both occurrences on your Xbox 360 by alternating between Left 4 Dead and the 1 vs 100 beta!

Wait, let us explain ...

You see, the 1 vs 100 beta has heretofore been limited to The Great Nation of Canada but, beginning June 1st (read: the day of Microsoft's press conference next Monday!), that beta will be expanded to include the US as well. You see where we're going with this: While we can't guarantee you'll be matching wits with Canadians every game, we think you'll agree that the mere potential of a mental mano-a-mano (-a-mano-a-mano-a ...) with real live Canadians presents a thrill you probably haven't experienced since firing that first round into a cardboard cutout of zombie Celine Dion.

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