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Battlefield 1943 'Coral Sea' map unlocked through community challenge


EA's downloadable Battlefield 1943 will take a Noby Noby Boy-esque -- albeit more violent -- cooperative approach to the release of its "Coral Sea" map. The bonus battlefield will unlock when the player communities on both Xbox and PS3 reach 43,000,000 kills each. To be clear: that's individually on each platform and not an accumulated total. So, if there's disproportionate player-base on one console, it's going to hold everyone back.

Coral Sea is allegedly designed to "showcase the intense battle in the skies, offering an all-new Air Superiority game mode." Battlefield will release "this summer" according to the latest press release. Last we were told it would release in June for $15, and the PC version is still scheduled for September. (There's no word on if PC players will have to complete a similar challenge to unlock Coral Sea, but we're looking into it.)

Update: An EA representative got back to us and said, "Yes, Coral Sea will release with the PC version."

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