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ECS plans a trio of netbooks, duo of all-in-one PCs for Computex

Darren Murph

Oh look, it's nearly time for Computex, which means it's finally time for ECS to come out to play again. For whatever reason, it seems the aforesaid PC maker only pulls out the stakes for Taiwan's biggest consumer electronics show, and with the doors opening early next week, we're getting a sneak peek at what it'll be bringing to the mix. Not surprisingly, three of the five new machines are said to be of the netbook variety, with the other two being all-in-one desktops. 'Course, the whole lot will be humming along on Intel's all-too-modest Atom, though we are led to believe that at least one rig will get equipped with NVIDIA's promising Ion technology. The T10IL (shown left) is apt to steal most of the attention, boasting a thin-and-light frame that'll look awfully similar to ASUS' Eee PC 1008HA. The V10IL (shown right) is expected to be more of a vanilla type machine in terms of both design and specification, and the other guys are slated to be revealed at the show. You're tense with anticipation, aren't you?

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