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Engadget Mobile Podcast 021 - 05.29.2009

Trent Wolbe

It finally happened: we talked so much mobile this week that we were unable to fit in listener questions. Of course, that means we're probably now on the fast track to another Listener Question Special, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it -- in the meanwhile, enjoy Episode 21.

Hosts: Chris Ziegler and Sean Cooper
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Solvent - Devices and Strategies (Ghostly International)

00:01:53 - LG BL40 helping to kick off Telus' HSPA network?

00:08:16 - T-Mobile USA delays Android 1.5 rollout by a few days

00:10:05 - Rootless Android 1.5 available for G1 now, with or without T-Mobile USA's help

00:14:43 - Sharp AQUOS SHOT 933SH offers 10 megapixels on a silver cellular platter

00:16:50 - Sharp's solar 936SH and 934SH with "memory LCD" headline latest SoftBank lineup

00:21:12 - KDDI au unveils summer '09 lineup: e-books, solar power, and 720p recording

00:26:28 - Palm Pre on June 6th for $200: It's official!

00:27:00 - Sprint CEO expects Palm Pre shortages, sleeping bag sales skyrocket

00:30:39 - AT&T expects to sell Palm Pre when Sprint's exclusivity ends

00:32:25 - T-Mobile, Orange bring up the obvious concerns over LTE

00:39:55 - BlackBerry Storm 2: the official unofficial hands-on

00:45:50 - RIM CEO: "SurePress is here to stay"

00:48:20 - Next iPhone to launch July 17 with OLED display and glowing Apple logo?

00:56:30 - 32GB iPhone placeholder appears at T-Mobile Austria

00:57:53 - Rogers Wireless' Dream un-safing and hands-on

01:00:20 - Rogers' HTC Dream and Magic aren't "Google phones," have Exchange support

01:07:40 - HTC Lancaster is a QWERTY slider with Android for AT&T

01:13:12 - Palm Eos on track for AT&T release second half of 2009

01:15:40 - Nokia Grouper, Mako, Snapper, and Thresher rolling deep on AT&T

01:16:55 - Motorola's Sawgrass, Android-powered Heron do the vertical slide onto AT&T?

01:17:02 - LG Monaco: AT&T's getting a WVGA WinMo7 QWERTY slider?

01:19:49 - Nokia next-gen "Rover" tablet unveiled?

01:22:40 - Nokia Ovi Store now live everywhere

01:27:33 - So long, HSPA+: AT&T "likely" moving straight from 7.2Mbps to LTE

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