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Keepin' it real fake, part CCXV: HiPhone Nano meets Aura in a knock-off of modest proportions


The Egs HiPhone Nano F210 borrows some of the aura of... well, the Aura. And why not? Half the fun of the KIRF scene is the way that these bandits mix and match aspects of devices according to whatever crazy whim they might be experiencing at the moment. (The other half of the fun? Exploding batteries, of course.) Along with the stylish and quite possibly functional iPod click wheel, this bad boy features: tri-band GSM, a 1.4-inch screen, VGA camera, Bluetooth A2DP, FM tuner, and some sort of media player. As China Grabber puts it: "This is tailor-made for small girls in mobile phones, will the pursuit of individuality, culture, dare to do you a taste of delicacy!!!" Yours today for $139.99. If you're feeling lucky (or you've done something wrong in your past) hit that read link and see for yourself.

[Via PMP Today]

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