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Quo Computer set to open Mac clone shop in California


Mac clone maker Psystar may have finally ran up against a wall, but it looks like its tale hasn't dissuaded upstart Quo Computer, which is now planning to open a retail store in the Los Angeles area that'll sell some as yet unspecified Mac clones. While that'll apparently be a relatively small operation initially, the company's founder, Rashantha De Silva, does seems to have some fairly grand plans for it, with him telling CNET News that they are "trying to stay as close to Apple as we can with our products," and that he hopes Apple "sees the value in what we are doing." Of course, that's about as likely to happen as Woz staying awake during a Palm talk, and De Silva isn't completely unrealistic about the situation, adding that they'll "probably" get sued. Nevertheless, the store is supposedly set to open on June 1st, and the company is apparently aiming to have pricing start at less than $900.

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