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Second round of BlizzCon tickets go on sale tomorrow morning

If you missed out on the first batch of golden tickets to Blizzard's annual nerd mecca BlizzCon -- which we imagine you did, since they sold out in a nanosecond -- the second round of tickets will go on sale tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. PST. If you've got an extra $125 lying around, you can grab a ticket through the Blizzard store -- so make sure your account is still up and running!

If you're horribly agoraphobic (or simply terrified of Murloc-clad cosplayers), you can also watch the two-day convention from the safety of your own home via DirecTV Pay-Per-View or via online streaming. These options will set you back $39.99, but ordering one of them gives you an in-game WoW item -- don't say your crippling social anxiety never garnered you any sweet bonuses!

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