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SOE is jacking out of The Matrix Online

Hang on. Wait a minute. Has anyone else seen a sign of the apocalypse today, or is the news that Sony Online Entertainment is actually shutting down an MMO the only one out there currently? We had to ask because when we saw the news this morning, we really couldn't believe our eyes. SOE, long heralded for keeping MMOs open even with very small communities, has finally decided to close down The Matrix Online, leaving the remaining Redpills to jack out for the last time on July 31st, 2009.

From what we've seen, remaining members of The Matrix Online community will have some community team interaction, as Daniel "Walrus" Myers is threatening to "[crush] everyone's RSI just one more time." Additionally, any MxO players making the jaunt to Las Vegas this year for SOE's Fan Faire will also be able to meet up with Walrus there, as he will be there for The Agency. Still, it's a sad day - and a memorable one - in seeing SOE shut down an MMO. We only wonder what this will mean for their other smaller-subscriber-number MMOs. Will we see any of them shuttered as well? Only time will tell.

[Via Tipa from West Karana]

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