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DJ Hero website and pre-orders go live, Jay-Z Special Edition seen in the distance

Darren Murph

With just days to go before the gaming world goes wild at E3, the hotly anticipated DJ Hero is now spinning on its very own website. Granted, a few of the sections are still labeled as "coming soon," but we're given a few more sneak peeks at the hardware, the gameplay and even a duo of handy links to pre-order it. According to listings on both GameStop and Amazon, the software and turntable are slated to ship on October 27th, with the bundle priced at $119.99 for all four of the major consoles (yes, new games are still being made for the PS2). Better still, the latter e-tailer has the Jay-Z Special Edition Bundle listed for Sony's PS3 and Nintendo's Wii, though neither of those are accompanied by MSRPs or expected ship dates. And to think, those are just two of our 99 problems...

[Thanks, Joey]

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