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Failoc-alypse bursts onto the scene!


During today's BlizzCon ticket sales (which are now sold out, by the way), you were able to play the game Failoc-alypse. You take the form of a Terran Marine with a gun, a Draenei Death Knight, or a Witchdoctor. Your goal is to kill as many fail-locs as possible.

"Oops flag? You're one dead Murloc!"

I recommend everyone takes a bit to play the game. It's good fun. As you progress in levels more people come out to watch you play. Around level 40 Arthas himself comes out to cheer you on. It's unknown what happens at later levels, if there really is a cow level, and what the gold cap is.

You can also click through for a bunch of basic instructions at the loading screen, and there's some funny ones hidden amongst them.

Let's look at some Failoc-alypse hints.

Use your charge attack

Stand in the middle and kill with your charge attack as a Dranei, or if you're a Witch Doctor or Marine stand off to one side and let a rip. You'll kill a lot more.

Farm gold for the later levels

Just like in WoW, you want to farm as much gold as possible for the later levels. Each nuke you release costs 250g and destroys everyone on screen. Since more Murlocs come out during the end game, be sure to save your nukes until then.

Don't worry about letting Murlocs slip by

There is apparently no negative consequences for allowing a Murloc to exit the game area. Personally, I think this will be nerfed in patch 1.1. Ghostcrawler has mentioned how Blizzard's side scrolling games have a tendency to give "too much room for error" for casual players who doesn't feel the need to kill everything. There was some initial math he presented in which he mentioned the ratio of Murlocs killed to Murlocs escaped should be right around (1 + sqrt(5))/2. We'll see if he can't correct this serious flaw. And he better, because he promised me a pony, damnit.

First we were WoW Insider, now we're, and tomorrow? Welcome to! That's right folks, your favorite WoW news site has now decided to exclusively cover the latest Blizzard hit!

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