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WRUP: Saxton Hale wants you to devote your life to Team Fortress 2 edition


Hi. Um, er, Elizabeth was tired, and I was in the office late, and I couldn't run out of the door fast enough when I saw her coming down the hall, so now I have to write this column this week. Bear with me, I'm winging it here.

So, um, I think I have to tell some pithy story that somehow relates all of the things we're doing this weekend together. That's how this column goes, I think. So, er, we're playing Team Fortress 2. Lots of Team Fortress. So much Team Fortress that even Saxton Hale's head might turn slightly to the left in a small bit of interest in what we're doing. Basically, an incredible amount of Team Fortress, is what I'm trying to get across here during this point of the post. I personally think Valve put crack into the last patch, because now even I'm playing it again. Ok, so that story wasn't very pithy, but maybe one of you out there laughed. All I need is one, right?

But wait! That's not all! There's more just around the corner besides Team Fortress 2! Come, see what else we're doing, and then share what you're doing with us!

  • James Egan: The only MMO I'll be playing this weekend is EVE Online. I think it's time for some more wormhole exploration. When I'm not doing that and writing, it'll be Team Fortress 2 -- Valve seems committed to *not* giving me either of those Spy watches. Also I saw a Scout wearing a red batting helmet launch over me last night and I simply must have it now. The probably-futile struggle for unlocks without going idle overnight continues. But I still love the game.
  • Brendan Drain: Like James, I'll probably spend a lot of time playing Team Fortress 2 this weekend trying to get the Huntsman or the Dead Ringer unlocks. I've also given in and I'm finally going to give Runes of Magic a try.
  • Colin Brennan: Will be shooting it up with Mr. Kyle Horner and Mr. James Egan in TF2 (watch out, we're insane and we're dangerous, and we're dangerously insane) as well as spending time raiding Obsidian Sanctum and Naxxramas in World of Warcraft. Past all of that, it's my good friend Jon "T3h Jonn3h" Hogue's 21st birthday. Happy birthday, you insane programmer!
  • Brooke Pilley: No MMOs for me this weekend. I'm playing through BioShock for the first time and supplementing it with a bit of TF2!
  • Krystalle Voecks: I'll be playing Suitcase Tetris, wherein I try to cram a week's worth of stuff into two small carry-on bags. Beyond that, the rest of the weekend will be spent grinding out the rest of the E3 attunement arc quests so I can party up with the rest of the Massively crew and head into the raid instance when the server comes up next week.
  • Kyle Horner: Plenty of TF2 and inFAMOUS for me this weekend. In lieu of being able to anticipate Jumpgate Evolution, I'm not sure how I'm going to get my space shooter fix. Maybe I'll re-install Freelancer.
  • Lemuel Pew: I'm going to pick up the parenting slack so my wife can get some well deserved rest. But when the baby isn't demanding my time, I'll probably be sneaking on to Free Realms to keep working my mining and blacksmithing skills.
  • William Dobson: I'll be playing Warhammer Online, and maybe something from my backlog of console games.
So, commenters, how much will we be backstabbing... er... what are you playing this weekend?

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