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Pets to scale from resilience and other stats

Eliah Hecht

I don't PvP, so I'm going off the reports of others here, but apparently Warlock and Hunter pets are often proving ineffective and short-lived in PvP. Until recently, this was often the case in PvE as well, but pets have much more avoidance now in a PvE environment.

It looks like an improvement will be coming in PvP as well: Ghostcrawler said last night that they "think it's probably time to let pets scale, to some extent, with resilience and spell pen." In fact, he says they have a new pet scaling system, and "assuming it works" (which seems like something they ought to be able to make work), they should be able to make the pet scale off of "all relevant stats" of the master.

Players have been asking for more pet scaling for a long time, especially resilience. Obviously how big of a change it will be depends on what "to some extent" ends up meaning, but it can only help pet classes.

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