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The forgotten MMO: Dungeons and Dragons Online


You always hear about the good MMOs and the bad MMOs, but there are certainly some MMOs that just seem to hang in the background. They're always there and omnipresent, they never do exquisitely bad, but somehow they're just forgotten amongst the sea of hyped games and broken promises.

That's really the case for Dungeons and Dragons Online, one of the few MMOs to really fly in the face of the traditional MMO model. recently went back and took another look at DDO, giving it the attention that it rightfully deserves regarding its different playstyle and game mechanics.

The article points out the game's major triumphs -- such as the unique atmosphere in every dungeon you dive into, the use of puzzles and traps to keep the player on their toes, and the use of the infamous dungeon master that narrates each of the game's quests to keep in like with its tabletop roots. However, the article also points out some of the game's largest issues, such as grouping and population concerns amongst the servers.

Overall, it's a nice look at a game that really doesn't jump to the forefront of the MMO market, but stays quietly in the background, chugging away with a loyal fanbase and consistent content updates. (All hail the upcoming module 9 and the new ability to finally hit the D&D cap of 20!) For the full feature article, check it out on

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