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Episodic Tales of Monkey Island coming to WiiWare, PC


The tale of Guybrush Threepwood and his ascent through the pirate ranks is one of the most-loved stories from the adventure games of yesteryear, and now you can get ready for a whole lot more of it. LucasArts has announced to us at E3 that they're working with Telltale Games on Tales of Monkey Island, a five-part episodic series to be released monthly on both PC and WiiWare. LucasArts says that there's no shortage of demand among both developers and gamers to make and play as much Monkey Island as possible, so they're giving what they call "one of the forefathers of adventure gaming and the precusor to the RPG genre" the Sam and Max treatment.

There aren't any other platforms scheduled for release -- while the Monkey Island special edition is being released on Xbox Live, LucasArts CEO Darrell Rodriguez was tight-lipped when it came to getting the episodic content on consoles or even a platform like the iPhone. But he did tell us that their plan is to take us back to the "halcyon days" of the company, "when people couldn't wait for a LucasArts game to come out." Considering that the last Monkey Island release was almost nine years ago, it'll be nice to have the wait for a trip to the Tri-Island Area reduced to just 30 days.

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