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HP shows off softer, flexible side with new eSkins reflective display tech


As history has proved time and time again, you can never have enough obscure display technologies of questionable use, and HP has really delivered with its new eSkins or "Electronic Skins" tech. The flexible, reflective color film can be printed with a roll-to-roll manufacturing technique on plastic substrates, and actually uses proprietary color "inks" in the printing process to infuse the seemingly monochrome display (HP doesn't specify) with a particular color in the PANTONE spectrum. The "print quality" colors are visible in direct sunlight, and can even shift to a transparent state to show whatever's behind the eSkins film. HP will be unveiling more info about the technology this coming week, and hopes to offer the tech for use in phones, cameras, netbooks and so forth -- no mention of ebooks, but that seems a likely scenario as well. Everybody reads.

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