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Turbine arrives at E3 with brand new CFO


MMO maker Turbine started off E3 not with a new game announcement, but a new staff member. They've hired on M. Beau Paradowski, who's worked in the past for Clearwire Technologies and Optasite, as their brand new Chief Financial Officer. As CFO, he'll be in charge of both overseeing worldwide financial operations as well as scouting ahead for any hidden orc raider camps.

Massively has more, and says that Turbine will depend on Paradowski's financial knowledge to help guide their three big MMO titles, Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and Asheron's Call. Paradowski says in a press release that, "I'm thrilled to join and help this talented team take Turbine to the next level." And by "next level," we assume he means one floor deeper into the dreaded Mines of Moria. You need as many executives as you can get down there.

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