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Earthrise devs shed some light on skill advancement

James Egan

The latest bit of info we've come across about the upcoming post-apocalyptic MMO Earthrise sheds some more light on how skill advancement will work in the game. We've known that Earthrise will have a mix of both online and offline character advancement. The Masthead Studios response to the latest Question of the Week regarding skills, via Earthrise community manager Moll, explains their approach to progression. Moll writes: "Skills improvement is one of the pinnacles of Earthrise's sandbox gameplay. Players in Earthrise will gain skill points by killing monsters and completing quests. Those skill points can be invested in abilities, which are used in combat. The abilities interface dialog is interactive with options to buy and combine abilities by using tactics."

Beyond this system of combining abilities Moll also writes that players won't be limited in terms of their skill choices and that a player can choose any skills in the game, in addition to combining all types of abilities into tactics. Moll says, "The skill advancement system is easy to learn and offers numerous possibilities for character customization, much more than many other games on the market." You can find the Question of the Week and feedback from the Earthrise community on the game's official forums.

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