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Hulu coming to Roku video player?

Nilay Patel

Hef's not exactly known for his tech punditry, but the latest issue of Playboy says Hulu is eventually coming to the Roku video player. We don't have to tell you how big a deal that would be -- we're sure half of you would drop cable immediately in favor of the charming $99 box -- but we've got our doubts about this particular rumor, since the networks and cable companies seem intent on keeping Hulu far, far away from the living room at the moment. Here's the thing, though: although Roku PR just told us they're "not sure" where this info came from, they wouldn't give us an outright denial, so something very well could be up -- only time will tell if there's truth here or if we're all just dealing with another of the bunny's airbrushed fantasies.

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