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Mio's new Intel Atom and AMD Neo netbooks might help you navigate through a sea of me-too computers at Computex


Sure, it's odd to see Mio churning out a couple of netbooks, but what's even more surprising is that they're at least somewhat interesting. The 8.9-inch Atom N270-powered Mio N890 includes 3G, GPS, Mio navigation software, an accelerometer, and a MagSafe-style breakaway power connector. It all weighs in under 2 pounds, and measures less than an inch thick. Meanwhile, the Mio N1210 (pictured) is one of the few computers we've seen so far running AMD's new Neo MV-40 processor. There's no mention of GPS, but the 12-inch laptop is preloaded with Windows 7 and 3G data, measures under an inch thick, and weighs under three pounds. No word on price for either, but both should be headed to Europe this fall.

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