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Miyamoto: Zelda Wii coming in 2010, at the earliest

Wondering where the in-development Zelda for Wii was at this morning's Nintendo E3 keynote? At an invite-only developers event with Shigeru Miyamoto, the revered designer confirmed that the title wouldn't see release until at least 2010. "We hope to bring it to you next year but it may take a little longer," he said through a translator. "To be honest, at E3 we wanted to announce a new Zelda game for Wii." Unfortunately, that desire didn't earn the title a spot in Nintendo's keynote and it was instead relegated to the developers event. He also said that the title could "possibly" be a Motion Plus exclusive – though if he's not sure, we don't know who would be.

The "announcement" included artwork – we weren't allowed to take pictures of (sorry!) – which was Twilight Princess-esque, featuring Link and a female Zora character. Here's the bad news: the more astute amongst you may remember that Miyamoto took the opportunity at last year's E3 developer's event to reveal a new Pikmin title for Wii in development (not the Wiimake) and, almost a year and two major keynotes later, we've yet to hear about it again.

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