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New Tauren druid kitty forms revealed

Lesley Smith

We mentioned last week that new bear forms for Tauren and Night Elf druids were rocking the World of Warcraft. Well now Blizzard have revealed the new Tauren kitty forms with the updated Night Elf forms following later in the week. The somewhat naff and ugly lionesque melee form finally gets a makeover, becoming more realistic and doubtless millions of Tauren druids are crapping their pants right now

Our sister site have been discussing the new forms and the consensus seems to be positive but, lets be honest, anything is better than the old cat form. At least these new skins look realistic, even if the horns remain seriously pointy. Remember these forms will hit in the upcoming patch 3.2 (also known as Call of the Crusade) and you'll be able to switch skin tones by visiting your friendly barber in any one of the capital cities. We'll bring you more on the Night Elf forms as soon as they are revealed.

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