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Nintendo reveals new Super Mario Bros. for Wii


Nintendo surprised nobody at its press conference by announcing a new Super Mario Bros. for Wii, with Cammie Dunaway and Bill Trinen from Treehouse introducing the aptly titled New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The title will feature multiplayer-friendly gameplay, supporting up to 4 players for some local action.

The multiplayer will have an emphasis on co-operative play, all while maintaining that classic Super Mario look and feel. Thus, you'll find warp pipes, hidden areas, and plenty of coins to collect. It's not all old hat, however, as the NIntendo presentation showed off a new Propeller suit, where Mario and company had a propeller attached to their heads. While playing (you hold the Wiimote sideways), players can jerk the Wiimote up to cause their in-game player to fly into the air.

Nintendo says the game will be available during the holidays this year, and will be on the show floor all this week. You can bet we'll be stomping Goombas as soon as we can, and will be sure to get you our impressions as soon as possible.

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