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Overheard@E3: Booth babes 'still allowed to have big boobs'

Kevin Kelly

E3 has returned to its roots, albeit with a scaled-back "booth babes" policy. Although we aren't sure if someone from the ESA is checking skirt lengths with a ruler, they can't prance around half-naked anymore. We overheard this exchange between two E3 attendees:

Swag-laden Guy #1: "Check it out! Booth babes!"
Swag-laden Guy #2: "Oh yeah. I heard they can't be scantily clad anymore, but they're still allowed to have big boobs."
Swag-laden Guy #1: "Sweet."

Oddly enough, E3 attendees, both male and female, are still allowed to have big boobs as well. Now that's progress.

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