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Sony's GIGA Juke gets storage upgrade, Walkman dock, and hits stores in Europe this month


Sony's certainly not letting up with its GIGA Juke line of home audio equipment. It's been nary a month since we heard from the company and now it's back with two more devices destined for Europe. Not much to get excited about here, but for an overall spec bump -- the NAS-SC500PK now pushes 100W and sports 160GB storage, support for up to five client players, a redesigned woofer (Terminator X & The Valley of Jeep Beets never sounded so raw, at least not in a basement rec room). The GIGA Juke NAS-E300HD holds steady at 60W with a more modest 80GB of storage. In addition, both feature a WM-PORT dock for that OLED Sony Walkman you've been lusting after. Look for the Juke in stores across Europe starting mid-June.

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