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Wii Fit Plus shapes up for fall, lets you 'be' Mario


As expected, Nintendo has seen fit to announce Wii Fit Plus during its E3 presser. The new fitness software is planned for release this fall in two flavors: bundled with the Wii Balance Board and as stand-alone software.

According to Cammie Dunaway, the new Wii Fit "moves in an added direction" beyond the original, by enabling users to "create a specific workout program that's perfect" for them. Six new strength and yoga activities can be mixed and match depending on what goals they're shooting for, and there's a revamped interface focused on creating seamless routines of 20, 30, 40 minutes (and conceivably more).

Strengthening the "core" appeal, Plus will introduce 15 new minigames -- juggling, skateboarding and something called "perfect 10" were shown, the latter requiring players to move their hips to select numbers that add up to 10. "Brain Age for your backside," Cammie said. The most exciting minigame: a forward-moving "platforming" level using gameplay elements from the Mario series.

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