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E3 2009: Massively's day 1 roundup

James Egan

E3 2009 is turning out to be quite a show this year and Massively is right in the middle of it all to report on the MMO news. We got a head start on E3 and reported a bit on what's happening before the Expo officially kicked off and it looks like we'll have plenty more to share with you before E3 is over. Here's our recap of day 1 in MMO news from Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009, and be sure to click through to the E3 galleries we've got after the jump.

Boatloads of screenshots after the jump!

Gallery: E3 2009: Final Fantasy XIV | 53 Photos

Gallery: E3 2009: Final Fantasy XIV screenshots | 16 Photos

Gallery: E3 2009: APB | 7 Photos

Gallery: Heroes of Telara concept art | 12 Photos

Gallery: Heroes of Telara core gallery | 15 Photos

Massively is on the ground in Los Angeles this week and covering all the latest E3 MMO news coming from the convention. Check out our breaking coverage (or all the Joystiq network E3 reporting) and keep your eye on Massively's front page for the latest developments.

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