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Energizer expands Energi To Go charging line with more solar, iPhone options

Darren Murph

We've seen Energizer dabble in portable charging solutions before, but we've yet to see it go all out like this. Thanks to a newfound partnership with XPAL Power, the company famous for making drum-toting bunnies famous has issued several new wares in its Energi To Go line. The rechargeable power packs and emergency chargers -- over ten of 'em in all -- will all ship by July of 2009 and will include devices for PMPs, PNDs, portable DVD players, netbooks and digicams. There's even an AP Charger that mounts your iPhone (à la mophie's Juice Pack Air), and the SP line consists only of solar-driven power packs designed to rejuvenated your iPod, camera and pretty much any other handheld device. There's no mention of price just yet, but as with anything Energizer, you can go ahead and brace for sticker shock.

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