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Nokia 5630 XpressMusic bows across Europe

Chris Ziegler

If you've been desperately seeking a phone that could best be described as the Nokia E52's misbehaving younger brother who can't hold a job and spends most of his time in his mom's basement blaring death metal, look no further than the 5630 XpressMusic. The phone's essentially an E52 clone that's had some of its uptight bits swapped out for funkier ones (just look at that wild keyboard, for instance), emphasizing the music capabilities but toning down some of the productivity goodies like advanced profile support and integrated Nokia Messaging. Interested parties in many European locales can now latch onto a unit of their own -- take Nokia Finland's online store here, for example, where it's selling for a totally reasonable €255 (about $360). No sign of an American release at this point.

[Via All About Symbian]

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