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So close, but Sony press conference Bingo was still fail


The Sony press conference had a lot in it, but did it have enough for us to get a Bingo...

Nooooooo! We all lost, again, for a third time! It's all so sad. Well, next year we're doing just "news" Bingo and leaving out the press conference part. Thanks for playing, everyone! Check out the final Sony results after the break.

GranTurismo PSP re-revealed
Square Enix shows more love
PSP Go announced
Greatest hits additions: Sorry, cheaper is better.
Gran Turismo 5 dated: Another round around the track.
PS3 gets PS2 software emulation: Sadly, no.
PSP Trophies: Keep rooting.
Cross-game/party chat: Nope.
God of War PSP sequel: Anger is only going next-gen for the moment.
PSN game rental service: Nah.
God of War III demo and dated
PS3 $100 price cut: Hopes and dreams are merely that.
Bundles in lieu of a price cut: Not even that.
SingStar PSP: If only you could.
PSP music service: Not during the press conference.
PS3 slim: Not at the moment.
PS2 still lives
PS3 signs with Blockbuster: If only.
Team Ico's official reveal
Starhawk announced: Not yet.
Heavy Focus on Heavy Rain: No, so strange.
Sony still loves Home
LittleBigPlanet charts & graphs: Nope.
New MGS4 edition revealed: Not yet.

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