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Sony Ericsson IM920 "Video Viewing Stand" is a microSD to USB adapter... shaped like a stand

Chris Ziegler

Where we come from, microSD to USB adapters are free pack-ins with our memory cards, and video stands for our phones -- on the ultra-rare occasions that we feel the need for such functionality -- are MacGyvered out of whatever odds and ends we happen to have in the vicinity. It doesn't take a lot of technology to keep a phone from falling over, after all. Alas, Sony Ericsson has stumbled upon a great way to relieve you of a few dollars with its fancily-named IM920 Video Viewing Stand, a product which does nothing more than integrate those two functions into a single 13-cent piece of black plastic. The best part, though, is that it can't even do that well -- it appears from the company's press shot here that you've got to split the "stand" duties between the IM920 and the Satio's port connector. In case you're feeling any uncontrollable desire to burn cash on this finely-crafted gizmo, allow us to help you: it's expected to be available "within 6 months," so you've got some time to cool off.

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