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White Knight Chronicles gets town-building, Q1 release for US

Jem Alexander

White Knight Chronicles is targeting a Q1 2010 release date in the US and Europe -- over a year after its Japanese release last Christmas. The reason the game is taking so long to get to the West is because Level-5 is working on extra content, which will be included on the disc. This content will be patched in to the Japanese version for free at around the same time.

Smaller features that are going to be added to the western release of the game include an autorun feature and improvements to the targeting system. The extra online missions that have been released since the Japanese launch -- roughly two a month -- will also be on the disc. Level-5 is also adding a system that was key to their Dark Cloud series, Georama, which will allow you to create your own town during the online portion of the game. Exactly how it'll work or how it will affect gameplay is unclear.

Level-5 is looking in to getting Japanese voices into the western version of the game for Japanophiles, and is still "working on" voice chat, but White Knight chronicles will definitely support cross-region play for the US and Europe when it launches.

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