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Xbox 360 motion controller dev not afraid of Project Natal

Imagine you work for a small peripheral development studio who's been working on a motion controller for the Xbox 360 for ages. Now imagine that Microsoft announces their own revolutionary motion control peripheral -- one that's supported by a bazillion dollar technology juggernaut. "Crap in a hat," you would likely proclaim. However, Performance Designed Products, creators of the long-in-development Game Trak Freedom controller, doesn't seem daunted by Microsoft's recently unveiled Project Natal tech.

During our tour of PDP's E3 booth, we had a chance to ask Senior VP of Marketing John Moore about the manufacturer's new impressive competition. According to Moore, "we met with Microsoft, and they gave us a heads-up about Natal, so we knew it was coming." Still, it's not all doom and gloom. Moore said he thinks "there is still a need and room in the market for interactive peripherals." Moreover, he claimed "there's a possibility of using our infrared controller technology and incorporating it into Microsoft's new product."

We'll have our hands-on impressions of the Game Trak Freedom, as well as its bundled software counterpart Squeeballs, within the next couple of days.

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