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Apple's North Carolina facility now moving towards reality


As noted last week, the lovely state of North Carolina has offered a healthy tax incentive to Apple for the construction and operation of a data center there. Now that the bill has become law -- creating $46 million in credits for Apple over the next 10 years -- Apple and the NC governor's office have announced that the project will go forward. Both Cnet and Computerworld are reporting that the location for the data center is yet to be determined, but a wage provision in the incentive package points to either Cleveland or Catawba counties, both in the vicinity of Charlotte.

The new facility could create up to 3,000 temporary employment opportunities while under construction, and 250-300 long term jobs in the finished operational site. Apple has not suggested what kind of data & applications would be hosted at the facility, but considering the rapid growth of iTunes and App Store content it's a reasonable bet that some of the capacity would be used for those services.

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