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Around Azeroth: Mmm ... bacon


As we all know, bacon is the candy of meats, making everything a little better. Unfortunately, there's only one type of bacon in WoW -- the quest reward Hellfire Bacon. So our characters can only eat twenty pieces of bacon, ever, in their entire life. Luckily, Imika of <Enigma> on Windrunner has come up with a fine solution to this problem. When Horde members approach this feast, the ring of bombs around it will explode, searing both the ham and the intruder into light, crispy perfecton. Then a local rogue cuts thin slices of meat from their bellies and leaves it to hang, and voila! Not only do you have bacon, but you've got a decent supply of Fjord Fried Orc and Sentient Beef Liver for the next time you crave something unusual.

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