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Bayonetta: Not just for the 'hardcore maniac player'


Well, that's a relief. Having previously expressed his desire to make Bayonetta "sadistically hard," director Hideki Kamiya was ready to address our concern that the game might turn off less dedicated gamers. Shortly after demonstrating some of the game's absurd action, Kamiya told us (via translator) that the over-the-top insanity and brutal difficulty stemmed from personal taste -- this is the kind of game he likes to play!

However, Kamiya acknowledged that he won't be the only one to play it, and has added both "easy" and "very easy" modes, which introduce less complex combo controls. You'll be able to experience Bayonetta's dazzling attacks and mad set pieces without having to be a "hardcore maniac player," he explained.

We'll be playing on hard, by the way. Ahem.

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