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Combat and careers update stripped from WAR 1.3 patch

Brooke Pilley

Yesterday, we mentioned Warhammer Online entered phase three of patch 1.3 testing and is finally letting players experience the Land of the Dead mega-zone. Today, we are getting word that a big part of patch 1.3, an extensive combat and careers update, is being stripped out to ensure Mythic stay on schedule and deliver a polished product.

In a bit of an "Oops" move, GOA delivered the unfortunate news before Mythic this morning. The original combat and careers updates proved to be a bit too ambitious with everything else going into this patch, so they decided to pull the changes out for now and introduce them in the next patch for fear of hurting the game.

Player opinion seems split. Some testers were extremely vocal about their dislike for the sweeping career changes on the public test server and applaud the delay for more polish. Others are questioning why Mythic is trying to cram so many changes into monster patches and wish they would release smaller patches more frequently like they did in the past.

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