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Creative's Fatal1ty Professional Series Gaming Headset MkII hands-on, and news of its sequel

Tim Stevens

Cans are so hot right now; the bigger and gaudier the better, because nothing says "Don't talk to me" like giant domes covering your ears. Creative's latest set, Fatal1ty Professional Series Gaming Headset MkII, don't really have much to offer in the flash category and certainly aren't excessively sized, but for serious gamers they seem to be a solid option and just the thing to keep your mom from interrupting your session. Shipping next week for $99, they offer an over-ear design with memory-foam surrounds and a sophisticated but not particularly flashy look that says "I want to look cool while wearing these, but I'll leave the chrome to my CPU fan, thanks." They sport a detachable boom that has not one but two microphones in it and some apparently fancy-schmantsy processing that can discern your howl of war from your dog's howl of neglect, meaning your CS teammates hear only the former. Unfortunately we weren't able to try that out for ourselves, so we'll have to see how well that pans out in the real world. The set uses the standard jumble of 3.5mm audio jacks to connect to your machine, but a Creative rep was kind enough to disclose plans for a USB version that'll work sans-soundcard. That model is due sometime next month for a $30 premium.

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