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E3 2009: Ether Saga Online to release major content patch this month, move from beta to live


We had the chance to catch up with Perfect World today at E3, the developers of Ether Saga Online, and we picked up a very interesting piece of news about the game. They've just finished up with a brand new content patch for their game and are getting it set to go live later this month. They also let us check out their new launch trailer, which we've included for your viewing pleasure after the break.

The patch will not only knock Ether Saga out of beta and into the live release, but it will also drastically alter the questing done between the levels of 1 and 45. The amount of "kill X" quests have been reduced, with new gathering and exploration quests taking their place, and all "kill X" quests will never exceed 20 monsters required. The kill 30, kill 40, kill 50, and kill 60 goals have been removed due to player feedback and an attempt to localize the game for North American audiences.

Instances will also gain a new "easy mode" feature, which will bring down the difficulty of the dungeons to the point where they can be soloed by a skilled player. These "easy mode" instances will drop less loot, but will provide an alternative to the current difficult dungeons. The standard difficulty will become ESO's "hard mode" and will not be changed with this patch.

World bosses, like a gigantic white dragon, will also be added to provide an extra challenge for players. It's kind of like having your own personal outdoor raid, except it's not so personal as it's outdoors and with everyone else.

Interested in what this game looks like? Well lucky for you they were also kind enough to throw a brand new trailer our way. Check it out!

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