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Move over BlizzCon, here comes AnkamaCon


If you thought Blizzard had the only MMO convention in town, think again. Ankama Games, the creators of Dofus and Wakfu, have announced their 4th annual convention -- AnkamaCon!

This year AnkamaCon will be in Paris and the theme is Gobbowl, a crazy sport introduced in Wakfu the animated series. Convention goers can expect to enjoy rooms that will be screening the Wakfu series, playable demonstrations of Ankama's games, a first look at Dofus-pocket for mobile phones, a chance to play the Wakfu trading card game before it releases, and much much more.

AnkamaCon will be June 27th and 28th, with weekend passes going for 29 euros in advance or 35 euros at the door. Families also have the option of family passes, which are 37 euros in advance or 45 at the door.

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