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Night Elf druid cat forms to be revealed today

Lesley Smith

Night Elf druids around the world, attend! News comes from our sister site that blue Zarhym has posted that your new-look cat forms will be revealed at some point today. guesstimates by his use of 'later in the day' this could be mid-afternoon PST (eg after my bedtime). The Night Elf cat forms is the last of four reveals for the new-look druid skins. So far we have seen the Night Elf and Tauren bear forms and the lion-like Tauren cat forms.

But does this druid love mean something more? Is it just a much needed graphical update or could it tie in with the as-of-yet-unannounced WoW expansion? This is the druid-centric one which many fans, including myself, hope will be themed around the Emerald Dream. We don't know but either way I actually like my cat form so I'm quite excited to see what the new skins are going to look like. Keep your eye on the druid in development page in the meantime.

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